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Seventh Legislative Assembly 2017

Private Member Resolution

Session : Third Session 2017 | Sitting : BUSINESS FOR THE DAY -4
S/Shri Pratapsingh Rane, Ravi Naik, Subash Shirodkar, Dayanand Sopte, Antonio Fernandes and Wilfred D'sa, MLAs moved the following:

"This House strongly recommends the Government to hand over the Primary Schools which are to be closed for want of sufficient number of students to private educational Institutions who are willing to run the Schools and are able to get students."

The following Members spoke on the Resolution:

1. Shri Dayanand Sopte, MLA
2. Shri Rajesh Patnekar, MLA

(Dr. Pramod Sawant, Speaker in Chair at 4 42 PM)

3. Shri Nilesh Cabral, MLA
4. Shri Ravi Naik, MLA

SHRI MANOHAR PARRIKAR, Chief Minister replied to the points raised by the Mover.

The Resolution was withdrawn by the leave of the House.

Raised by : Shri. Pratapsingh Rane
Raised on : 21st July 2017


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